Saturday, September 19, 2009

Camp Cheerio

I just returned from a fantastic trip to Camp Cheerio with our 6th graders. The beautiful setting in Roaring Gap, NC provided the backdrop for three days of fun!! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and I'm confident that the kids did, too.

I'm quickly realizing that middle school students possess the wonderful quality to find enjoyment in the most challenging situations, and in completing tasks that the typical adult (or older student) might find boring or totally "uncool."
I was thoroughly impressed when my group of 31 students and 5 chaperones completed a 4.5 mile hike near Stone Mountain in a downpour and not one student complained. Instead, they sang along as we hiked, stopped for a good 5 minutes to admire a small turtle, and waded in the cold water beneath the waterfall.
I was thoroughly impressed with the energy students displayed when asked to complete dance routines ranging from "ice cream and cake" to "Istanbul." Next Friday's dance will surely be a a fun and exciting experience:)
I was thoroughly impressed when students (girls AND boys) continued to practice their stomping routines long after they were taught on Wednesday evening.
I was thoroughly impressed when my Choctaw cabin dwellers vowed to complete their dinner cleanup responsibilities as quickly and efficiently as possible...and did a fantastic job.
I was thoroughly impressed when most of the students decided to try the mudslide even though it was cold and caused to you get very wet and muddy.
In my opinion, this trip is a prime example of benefits of a class trip even in the time of financial distress. Ann Parker & the 6th grade team put together a special trip that was superbly planned, and well-executed by our chaperones and the professional staff at Camp Cheerio. I am convinced that there is so much to be learned when students are asked to leave their comfort zones and experience something new. It might be hard to quantify, but if our goal is to prepare our middle school children for the challenges of the future, then the Camp Cheerio trip is a resounding success.
Thanks again for reading, and for your support of our middle school students at PDS. It is such a pleasure working with your child. Have a great week,

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